How does self storage work?
Simply give us a call or come and visit us. Discuss your requirements with us. You then choose which container you would like to rent. Once you have signed the contract, the container is yours. Simple!

Are the containers brand new?
Our container look brand new but they are actually single use containers. This means they have been used only once before, in actual shipping.

What security is in place?
Our site is bordered by tall palisade fencing to keep the site secure. It also benefits from security lights and CCTV.

When can I get access?
You can get access to your container 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the minimum rental period?
The minimum rental period is 4 weeks.

Do you provide insurance?
We don’t provide insurance yet. This is something that you will have to sort.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?
Rent for your container is paid 4-weekly, in advance.

Is a deposit required?
A 4-week rent deposit will be required

Does the price include VAT?
No, all prices are subject to VAT.

What methods of payment are available?
You can pay by card, cash, cheque & bank transfer

What is required to rent a container?
We require one for of identification, i.e. driver license

What are the terms and conditions?
Click here for the full details